Gonarezhou Nationalpark


Gonarezhou National Park is located in southern Zimbabwe, bordering Mozambique and South Africa. It is a secluded park with impressive landscape. The eastern part is accessible from Chiredzi, the western part from Masvingo Rutenga (longer distance). The link from one side to the other part though possible during the dry season with a solid 4x4 vehicle, we do not recommend it apart from very experienced 4x4 drivers with appropriate special equipment ( river crossings) . The name of the park has its origin from the earlier large population of elephants (Nzou in Shona language means elephant). Unfortunately many of these magnificent animals became victims of poaching during the civil war in Mozambique and since then the stock has only partially recovered.



  • Large and secluded National Park with splendid landscape
  • Only few visitors, you have the chance to be surrounded by pure nature
  • famous for some prides of wild dogs


In Gonarezhou-Nationalpark you may encounter elephants, african buffalos, antelops, crocodiles, lions, leopards and if you are very lucky wild dogs.


Within the premises of the National Park there are no hotels, but few self-catering chalets (in the western part of the park, Mbalauta-area) or some self-catering tents (Eastern part, Chilojo-area). Near the park entrance to the east you can find accomodation in several very nice, but expensive exclusive lodges. But from these places it is a rather long distance to the park entrance.


In this remote park you have to rely on self-catering. Please bring your own food and plenty of drinking water (important!) from Mutare or Masvingo.


The park can be visited with 4x4 vehicles with sufficient clearance only. Access to the eastern part is significantly shorter. The slopes in the park are demanding and are increasingly difficult the further you go from the camps. The connecting slope from the eastern to the western part of the park should be used by experienced 4x4 drivers only, preferably not as sole vehicle and only after inquiry at the national park wardens.


Within the Camps and around the park there is no gas station. It is advisable to refuel the car in Masvingo or Mutare (fuel situation in Chiredzi uncertain) and don't forget to bring a (full!) jerry can with you.