Hwange Nationalpark


Hwange National Park is the largest Park in Zimbabwe and among the biggest National Parks of Africa. Occupying about 14'000 km2 Hwange exhibits over 100 species of mammals and nearly 400 bird species. The park is situated in the north-east of Zimbabwe, bordering Botswana. This area at the edge of the Kalahari desert is a rather dry region and most animals have to visit regularly the waterpans, making them easily traceable.



  • Largest National Park of Zimbabwe
  • Tremendous selection of Wildlife including the "Big Five"
  • Good game viewing at the water pans
  • Easily accessible, during dry season even with 2x4 car
  • Can be visited in combination with Victoria Falls


The park host over 100 mammals with a large population of elephants, different carnivores including lions, cheetah and leopards and the rare wild dogs. You will encounter giraffes, african buffalos, hippos, crocodiles and many antelopes like Eland, Kudu, Impala, Sable and many more.


There are no hotels within the boundary of the park, apart from few high priced private "Exclusive-Lodges". We can book for you a pleasant hotel near the park entrance, often available as a package together with a "Game Drive". Another possibility are self-catering lodges of the National Park Authority (4 different camps: Main Camp in the wildlife-rich south, Sinamatella with spectacular views in the north, and finally Robins Camp and Nantwick (both remote places). In addition we can book for you a tented camp (from luxury/full board to basic/self-catering).


When staying in the hotels outside of the park you can choose between half and full board. Tourists who are accomodated in the National Park's Lodge at the Main Camp can make use of a restaurant with a rather simple selection of meals. Otherwise, one has to adapt to self-sufficiency and bring the foodstuff from Hwange Town or Victoria Falls and do cooking in the Lodge. A small shop in the main camp sells at least some edibles, while at Sinamatella only supplies for emergencies are available (information subject to change).


The park is easily accessible by car. The main axes can be done with a 2x4 car during the dry season and all year round with a 4x4. When driving on the branch roads, an all-terrain four wheel drive vehicle is indispensable. Some areas and roads of the park are closed during the rainy season.


At the Main-Camp you find a filling station. In case of shortage of Diesel or Blend, you have to drive to Hwange Town or Victoria Falls. We recommend to replenish on your way to Hwange National Park and at arrival in Main Camp.