Lake Kariba


Lake Kariba came into being in 1959 by the impoundment of the Zambezi stream. It has a length of over 280 km. Lake Kariba is popular because of its pleasant warm climate in the southern winter, but in the months November to April it is very hot out here.
A special experience is to rent a houseboat with crew for a few days and watch along the lake shores from the water the animals of the national parks. Ethictours is happy to use its connections to make such an experience possible for you.



  • Kariba ferry from Kariba to Mlibizi
  • Adjoining wildparks, almost accessible only through the lake
  • Southern Flair
  • Very popular with fishermen from all countries (Tigerfish!)
  • Houseboat holidays with superb game viewing

Fauna / Flora

On the shores of Lake Kariba there are numerous wildlife species, such as elephants, hippos, antelopes, various waterfowl and many crocodiles. The sunsets are just spectacular. A bath in the lake near the shores is definitely not recommendable because of the numerous crocodiles and the risk of Bilharziosis.


In Kariba Town there are several beautifully situated hotels and lodges. First-class comfortable nature camps with special offers for wildlife viewing can be booked in Matusadona National Park. In the case of houseboat holidays, you sleep on the vessel. The same applies when the lake is cruised with the Kariba ferry from Kariba to Mlibizi


Half-board and full-board stays are available in the hotels in the area. All type of foodstuffs are found in Kariba Town. Most houseboat trips are full board; apart from the Captain, a Chef is on board and prepares delicious meals.


Access to Kariba as well as to Mlibizi is easily done by car on well-developed tar roads. Kariba has a runway for small aircraft (connections to Harare and Victoria Falls).


Several petrol stations are located in Kariba Town. At the upper end of the lake there is no petrol station in Mlibizi and on the route to Victoria Falls you have to drive up to Hwange Town. Fill up in Kariba when taking the ferry!